Utopia Ibiza secret beach restaurant

Delicious seafood in a wonderfully secluded setting.

When I heard that my favourite Ibiza beach restaurant might not be around this summer I was devastated. There were talks about someone (with a lot of cash obviously) opening a beachclub here. Oh, please no! Please don’t replace a charismatic, charming restaurant with another soulless beachclub. If that happens I’ll leave. But I am so relieved that Utopia and the chiringuito on the island opposite won their case, at least for now...

Utopia is a beautiful little restaurant in a fantastic, picturesque setting. Cala Moltons, the secluded beach next to Sant Miquel, is surrounded by cliffs and pine trees. As you cannot park right by the beach it is never overcrowded. People are lazy in the heat of summer and can't be bothered to hike the little rocky path. Lucky me and you!

Unlike Sant Miquel beach (which is overpopulated and a little - mmh how to put it - dull?) the vibe at Cala Moltons and Utopia is cool, relaxed and unpretentious. Weekends in the summer can get crazy busy though with many Spanish yachts stopping by for lunch. But I adore that vibrant authentic atmosphere - a lot of food on the table, wine flowing, wild laughter and loud Spanish I barely understand.

The restaurant is simple but stylish and lovingly decorated. The music they play is subtle and chilled. You can rent comfy wooden sunloungers and parasols if you’re planning to stay the whole day.

Authentic, really delicious food.

Utopia Ibiza beach restaurant secret beach

If you like seafood as much as I do you will love Utopia. It’s nothing fancy, just simple Spanish cooking with real flavour. Their produce is fresh and locally sourced. The fish dishes, prepared on a massive outdoor grill, are the tastiest I have had on this island so far.

Unlike some other beach restaurants they don’t serve your seafood with a terribly boring salad or soggy vegetables. Instead you get super tasty grilled veggies - zucchini, aubergine, potatoe, peppers etc. These alone satisfy my fussy tastebuds.

The portions are huge, but as you might have to wait a little for your food to hit the table I'd suggest you order a starter to ease the anticipation. I love the healthy raw veggie sticks with hummus or the heavenly delicious (and garlicky) aioli with bread.

Utopia Ibiza secret beach restaurant

In the past few years Utopia’s chef was the amazing Fatima, a hearty Carribean lady plating up big portions of well-seasoned deliciousness. Unfortunately, at the age of 75, she hasn’t been there very much this year and there have been some changes with the chefs. As a result the quality has varied a little. However, the last meal I had here was in October and I could not fault it, absolutely delicious. I think we’re back to Fatima’s standards.

Service is super friendly, sometimes a little chaotic, but to me it just adds to Utopia’s charme.

You’re on holiday.
It’s Ibiza.




Drive all the way down to Port de Sant Miquel and find parking there. As you come to the beach walk to the very left. Behind the famous fish restaurant Balansat you will see the rocky path to Cala Moltons and Utopia beach restaurant (approximately 500m).


Utopia is open from May to October. My favourite time to go is late lunch as the sun disappears early behind the cliffs. Afternoons tend to be more vibrant than dinner. But if you’re after a peaceful, romantic and beautifully lit dinner this is your spot.

At weekends it can be difficult to get a table, especially for lunch. There is no telephone line to reserve, so either get there early before 2pm or later in the afternoon. 

And if like me you cannot get enough of of freshly grilled sardines (all that Omega-3 goodness!) come on Fridays, when Utopia serves All-You-Can-Eat sardines for 15 €.


Utopia Ibiza beach restaurant secret beach
Utopia Ibiza beach restaurant secret beach