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I came to Ibiza broken, exhausted and pretty lost. The plan was to put all my belongings into storage and leave London for two months.

Where... Let's try Ibiza. 

Why... No idea. 

 Ibiza old town

I have never been here but it sounded pretty good. From my London friends I heard a lot. There was always an article in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar or ES Magazine about the chic and pure side of the island. I decided it's time to explore. I had nothing to lose anyway, I felt close to falling off the edge.

I negociated the rent for a little finca I had found on airbanb and in late October 2014 I got on the plane. All I wanted was silence, solitude and a little peace.

And so my Ibiza fairytale began.

The White Island made me feel like Alice in Wonderland, I indulged in her natural beauty. The sea so turquoise, the grass so green and the air so fresh.

I was picking almonds and pomegranates fresh from the trees. I found the most charming stables and finally got back on the horse again, riding through the mountains towards sunset. I danced on Cala Llenya market and thanked the universere for making me feel alive again.

After a few weeks it was pretty obvious that I could not return to London again and get back on my hamster wheel. I had no idea and no plan as to how I could possibly make a living on Ibiza but my grey London life was not an option anymore. So with a huge amount of luck I found the cozy finca I am still living in now. I shipped everything over and here I am.

Life is a journey, it's the endless decisions we make every day. Small and big.

Leaving everything behind, facing nothing but uncerainty and moving to Ibiza was a massive risk. But I am beyond happy to be here. It took me 38 years to find my home.

 Ibiza yoga teacher

Pure Wild Ibiza

This little blog is my online home, it's everything I love about living on the White Island.

So please, have a slice of my cake!

I’d like to share with you where I go skinny-dipping in the morning, no tourists in sight. Where I buy the freshest organic ingredients. My favourite farm-to-table restaurants and seafood chiringuitos.

Which local markets to enjoy. What to do when it rains. Where I go shopping for original presents and a stylish wardrobe. The man to call if you wish to explore Ibiza on the back of a horse. Which books I love to read in my hammock.

The best of yoga and wellness that Ibiza has to offer. Exploring nature and the island's authentic vibe.
The list goes on. Let’s see where this journey takes us.

I hope my side of Ibiza will take your breath away!

With Love,


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